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Worth it, in my opinion. There are two versions of the app: Atraf for gay men and Atraf girls for lesbians. The ubiquitous gay guy app—Grindr works in Tel Aviv like in most other cities around the world.

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Headless torsos, slutty direct messages and a whole lot of inane conversations. But, due to the overwhelming friendliness of many Tel Avivians this is a very tourist-friendly city , the app is a great way to connect, and dare I say: Accommodation in Tel Aviv is famously expensive, but Airbnb makes it much easier to find more affordable places to stay. Look for places in the outskirts from the city center—around Kikar Rabin in the north or Florentin in the south.

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Even if everyone in Tel Aviv seems to be glued to their phones all day long, people do seem to go out and enjoy bits of digital detoxes. The rental stations are located all over the city and have on-screen instructions in English, German and other languages—making it simple and easy to use. The Telobike app also shows you which stations are nearest to you using GPS, plus will let you know how many bikes are currently docked at each station, so you know where to go to drop off or pick up a bike.

Top Google Play apps in Israel | Dating | Top Free

With the daily rental fee, you can use the bike for 30 minutes at a time — each ride over 30 minutes incurs a small fine. You can also rent for an entire week at just 70 shekels.

Maybe not as useful as in other cities, the Uber app can be useful for getting a taxi in Tel Aviv. Keep in mind that public transportation in Israel shuts down during shabbat and Jewish holidays, so sometimes taxis are the only way to get around. Uber makes finding a taxi abroad much easier.

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Simply log in through the app and you can hail a ride from just about anywhere in Tel Aviv. For those traveling Tel Aviv on a budget, the app also has a special listing of free events. Another gay dating app read: My favorite way to prepare for a trip is to search in Google Maps for all the bars, restaurants and shops I plan to hit up on a trip.

Another gay travel app, this one is actually produced by the official city tourism office.

10 Travel Apps to Download Before Visiting Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv also offers free wifi throughout the city more info here. The connection works fairly well, though in some areas it can be spotty. It even works on the beach in much of the city center! Looking for a place to stay?

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