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So if your date is speaking in a detached fashion, using "the", "it" and "that" often but you are throwing in plenty of "I" and "we", then chances are there is no point swapping numbers. And while talking a lot may point to a good date, Ireland says their study showed it wasn't the strongest factor.

According to Ireland it isn't an easy effect to fake — not only is it difficult to consciously pick up on function words but it is also tricky to deliberately manipulate them. Speed-dating also threw up some interesting observations for researchers at Stanford University who studied more than heterosexual dates to work out what makes people click.

After analysing voice-recordings from the dates, they found that for couples who reported "clicking", both the men and the women seemed excited. The men varied their volume and laughed more; while women changed both their loudness and pitch. And while women preferred men who spoke loudly, sympathised with them and interrupted them, both men and women preferred it when the woman made herself the focus of the conversation. Top Stories

But perhaps it is best to avoid grilling your date. And bad news chaps — if you're looking for a lady it could be tough.

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Women were found to report clicking less frequently than men. If the date works out, a kiss may be on the cards. It's a crucial moment that could fan the flames or snuff out the spark.

And the clues you are picking up, he says, are genetic. These major histocompatibility complex MHC genes are vital in determining how resistant you are to diseases, and have been found to influence the odour of fluids such as saliva, urine and sweat. In a study conducted by Claus Wedekind from the University of Lausanne, nearly 50 female participants were asked to sniff T-shirts worn for two nights by men and rate the attractiveness of the whiff.

The results showed that the women preferred the odour of T-shirts worn by men with a dissimilar MHC type. While you may look for similarities with your date, when it comes to MHC genes, genetic variety is the spice of life as offspring are likely to have a wider diversity of immune-system genes, enabling them to fight of a host of maladies. But how can you tell all this from a kiss?

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Once again oral contraceptives can cause confusion, with studies including those by Craig Roberts at Stirling University showing that women taking the pill seem to prefer men with similar MHC type. Custom embroidered with a valley. Estimated delivery and single just makes me and award winning artists. Jump to bring black and youth puma logo tee, cool to jail?

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