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It will most probably bring trouble and bad karma. Don't even try to. You will tear them apart for deffo. Stay away leave two of them alone. No and No and No. They will end up hating each other,thAt will cause lots of drama trust me unless her sister said "thats alright". It's hard to just move on when two people like each other. Should I just a little bit? Talk it over with Katie we remained friends after our breakup. I feel like no matter how you go about it someone is going to get hurt.

You can go ahead and try, but I still don't condone it. I definitely think that talking it over with you ex would help a lot should you decide to go through with dating this girl. I am going through the same thing. The thing is that I dated my boyfriend's brother and my boyfriend dated my sister.

The thing that brought us together is the fact that our exes cheated and lied to us in the exact same way. Meaning, my sis cheated and his brother cheated. We know that it will cause problems, but honestly.. My sister is married and has 2 kids. His brother has 2 kids and will get married, they both moved on. It's our time to be happy. Things happen for a reason..

Besides, you two are already hanging out. But I guess that really has nothing to do with what's happened recently.

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About a month ago, Melanie's sister, "Laura," "slipped into my DMs" -- sent me a direct message on Instagram -- and I got pretty excited. I think it's supposed to be kind of flirty to do that -- ostensibly scandalous, even. We talked for a little over Instagram and later on Facebook, and soon we were texting plans to sing karaoke together. And eventually, we did. Apparently, I sing really well, because I took her home and, after moping for a while about my having dated her sister, we wound up collapsing into each other's arms.

And so it goes.

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So, I really like this woman. She's really funny and open-minded and independent. She's also way hotter than I am, and I think I'm pretty good-looking to start with. And most importantly, she's really nice. That's the most important thing to me. I've always said that all is fair in love and war. And I believe that. But it's also, I guess, inconsiderate of me to date my ex's sister. We're talking and being physical occasionally; that's about it.

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But I really want to cultivate more with this summer fling. I think she's great. Annie, what should I do?

Can I tell my ex-girlfriend's sister how I feel about her?

Of all the women in the world, why did you pick your ex's sister? However, if you are serious about having a lasting relationship with her — I would even suggest waiting a few more years. Giving it longer would allow her more time to grow up and to discover more of who she is and what she wants in life. At the least — I would recommend you wait until she has finished with her current boyfriend and has had some time being single.

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  6. And finally, is she into you? If she has picked up on the fact that you like her — she may also be flattered by the attention. You will only find out the truth as to whether she likes you romantically or not, if she tells you of her own accord or if you ask her directly. How should you tell her when the time comes?

    Directly, preferably soberly and without any pressure or too much expectation. Be prepared that she might not feel the same way. Please indicate if there are any details you would NOT want included in print. Sarah will read every letter but regrets that she cannot reply to them individually. I will also be posting on comments submitted by other readers. Feel free to contribute to the debate on any of the topics covered in the column.

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    To order a copy, please call or visit www. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Wednesday 16 January Can I tell my ex-girlfriend's sister how I feel about her?