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6 things people assume when you're a natural blonde

Nearly half of British women left disappointed - new poll reveals. Click here to see the proposals that made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Who is Attractive? Blonde vs Exotic - Social Experiment

The dating application Type has revealed blonde women are the most lusted-after. The women online are looking for hunky men. Dark hair is the most sought after hair colour on a man. Data revealed over 50 per cent of men like a slim physique and nearly a fifth of male users say blonde is a preferred hair colour. Red heads are shown the least love, with only 11 per cent of men stating they fancy gingers.

Women with THIS hair colour are OFFICIALLY the most lusted-after on this dating app

Users tell the app what they're looking for and Type will only show them prospective dates who fit the bill. You can filter for body type, hair colour, height, whether they have piercings, tattoos or beards. So whilst red-heads might not be the user's typical type, their feelings might change when they see who has their eye on them.

I decided to spend three days as a blonde on Tinder, and three days as a brunette to see which version of me would have more success. I filled my profile with a mix of photos of just me and photos with friends, and a fairly innocuous bio with a bit about me and my personal interests.

Then I started swiping. Things started off a bit slow — initially I only had a handful of matches from the swipes.

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By the end of the three days this is what I ended up with:. After a fairly muted experience as a brunette, I deleted the profile and started again as a blonde.