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Its ideas and business plan do however tap into a growing trend which is why we feel DateTix is a solid addition to our tech portfolio here at The Next Tech Stock. The platform also enables users to find business connections across all industries. By helping people find business contacts, new employees or explore new business opportunities, DateTix could potentially create a new market altogether.

In fact we could potentially see this technology applied to other market sectors where live, location-based mobile phone connectivity is a selling point. DateTix could be an exciting and profitable transition for ERR as the company embarks on a new direction forced by turbulent market conditions in construction and mining However, this is speculation on our part — success is no guarantee for this small company — please do your own research and consider your personal circumstances before making an investment.

ERR has been developing corporate management software since its inception in Its key market segments in this space are enterprises working in energy, construction and resources industries. Given the current lack of business activity in many of its key sectors, ERR has taken the prudent approach of winding down unnecessary business units and focusing on new revenue drivers that can diversify its position. If and when its core market recovers, ERR will be in a position to re-focus on its corporate platform. Chinese social conventions surrounding finding a partner, dating and marriage are somewhat different to their Western counterparts.

For the Chinese, marriage is more akin to duty rather than choice. Arranged matches which likely become fully-fledged marriages are commonplace and similar to those of other cultures such as India and parts of Africa. China has undergone rapid industrialisation over the past 30 years that has seen over million people move from rural communities into urban metropolises such as Shanghai and Beijing. The reason for this torrent of migration was to pursue economic prosperity, unavailable to low-wage agricultural workers.

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The rapid economic and demographic changes in China over the past three decades has had a huge impact on how the Chinese seek out romantic relationships and marriage. Nowadays, there are millions of wealthy Chinese who are single and looking for love but do not have the time to find a match.

It is estimated that there are over 8 million single adults in Shanghai alone, with 7 million more in Beijing. Over the coming decade, China is expected to have a surplus of around 24 million single males; and the majority are desperate for a bride considering the social pressure they are under.

Take a look at the table below, and you will gain a broader understanding of the sheer number of singles in Chinese cities. These numbers are far beyond anything experienced in other international cities. The overarching strategy is to win market share and grow its customer base at the fastest rate possible by focusing on cities rather than countries. The chart above draws a map of where DateTix will be looking to expand after Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzou have been suitably romanced. In moving forward, DateTix recently signed a revenue sharing and white label agreement with MenClub — a leading online media platform for men in Hong Kong.

The partnership provides ERR with instant access to 1.

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The Company will leverage its technology platform to offer a white label service to MenClub patrons to enable them to host and apply to local and in-person dates. As part of this strategy, DateTix has created a scalable and defensible asset-lite business model by which it can monetise its user database through a range of methods outlined below:. The most straightforward revenue channel for DateTix is user subscriptions. Users that are very active are upsold additional features and services. An online marketplace gives customers the chance to buy date tickets, introductions to dates and other service features.

Charging local merchants to advertise on its online platform allows DateTix to bring in additional revenue. For example, a local restaurant would pay DateTix a fee for placing an online ad aimed at DateTix customers searching for a suitable restaurant.

Advertising fees are likely to grow in proportion to the amount of subscribers DateTix signs up. Going a step further, DateTix has also implemented an e-commerce revenue stream whereby it issues customers with discounted tickets to concerts, restaurants and other events, from which it then earns a percentage. Bloomberg — via NewsBank.

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