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The site is dedicated to punks, emos, goths, rockers and all types of alternative people. I thought we were all ugly. Being ugly means no social life which means more time to practice which means shred! Its no different than trying to meet cute guys who indulge in X hobby or Y interest. These things usually aren't a form of overt expression, but rather a serious passion or possibly even lifestyle. I mean yeah, I'll throw on band shirts sometimes, but for the most part they don't go on unless I'm at gigs.

And this goes for most metal guys I know too. The problem is, you can't assume anything music related based on looks or personality. So yeah, its going to blow. You can eek musical discussion into a conversation and see what happens, but aside from that there isn't anything you can do. But if it makes you feel better, I've had worse luck trying to find women who are interested in metal, or even receptive to music in general. Music stores old school hookup place , smaller venues where you can talk to guys when the band has a break , instrument stores hell yeah, musicians , bookstores i like the well-read metalheads , gamer places nerdy nu metal guys, from the one's i've known anyway , metal geared clothing shops gotta look good They are out there.

You just have to look for other interests that coincide with metal. Also you want to be somewhere where you can hear, i. And don't forget to wear your band shirts often. I have found it even harder, since I am an indian metalhead, so most female metalheads aren't that into me. But I am getting pretty good at just striking up conversations with random people now, so hopefully I will meet an awesome metalhead chick someday!

Welcome to Reddit,

Talk to people at gigs. The metalheads in my area always seem pretty friendly, maybe you're just picking the wrong ones to talk to. I want to start by saying that I rarely see female metalheads, especially living in Australia, but nearly every one of them I have met has turned out to be amazing. Especially the symphonic metal lovers. However, being a metalhead guy who primarily loves Folk and Symphonic metal, I see heaps of the long-haired Nordic types, and sadly most of them seems like complete and utter douches. I decided to check out your Last. FM account, which went to your website, which went to deviantART, which went to the Symphonic Metal Wallpaper which I have actually already seen before.

I remember seeing it because I thought the exact same thing I thought when I saw it this time. Where is the Marcela Bovio?!

Haha, nice sleuthing there! I just had a limited number of spaces and chose my personal favourites at the time. What can I say. But yeah, you should. I've been contemplating making one of those myself, but just never got around to it. I normally just stick to making single band wallpapers. And even then, it's mainly just Epica. I feel like shows are a bad place to go. I make a point, though, of talking to any girl and dudes as well outside of a show about metal if they have anything with a band name I recognize somewhere - a pin, a bag, a shirt, what have you. It's great to meet people who like metal, but it's hard at a show - especially with girls, because you assume they just get inundated with douchebags all night and would rather you layed off than talked to them.

I'd suggest some kind of band name somewhere - even just a pin of your favorite band - it lets other metalheads know you are too, and it's so much easier to approach someone about metal outside of a show. My friend is a metal drummer and has 1 inch guages. He's been dating a ballet dancer for a year now and they get along perfectly regardless of different music tastes and styles.

Maybe try digging deeper into personality than something superficial like having Black Dahlia Murder for example on their ipod, wearing all black, or having guages. Not to describe the stereotypical metalhead, but you get the point. Granted, it would be fun to hook up with a fellow metalhead but that's much easier than a relationship haha.

Well I'd say that its like other 'scenes'- you just have to talk with people and see. I'd think that if you're approachable that would make it 'easier,' but I'd think cute chicks have that easier anyways. Basically something that is something you are genuinely interest like you said. How did you last convos' go? It's not a prerequisite for me- my music tastes have always been more extreme than my past boyfriends'- but man would it be fun to have someone you're crazy about AND can go to underground black metal shows with.

Do you go by yourself? Because I wonder if the fact that I have a guy friend who I always go to shows with makes people think I'm not single. I usually go with a friend or a group of them, sometime's it's a male friend but sometimes it's female. Most metalheads I know are awesome people, the community in general I find to be nicer in comparison to other genre-goers.

You've probably just had bum luck. Just keep persisting, that's the best advice I can give you. The fact that you're the first to strike up a conversation already shows you have more balls than most chicks at shows who will generally only talk if you make the first move. Go to a summer festival at your nearby amhpitheatre. Statistically, you're bound to find one. They're metalheads and redditors. Don't know about how "cute" each may be, but you never know. I've socialized that way sometimes and many of the times they don't know jack shit about the bands they are advertising. I guess just don't look like your with a boyfriend, look like your bored and see who comes up to you.

What bands are you into though? I know you say you have dece tastes, but I don't really know that, so if you list like your top 20 I can tell you what bands that Metalhead guys such as myself will get a metal nerdgasm-hard on over if they saw you repin them. There's a girl who goes to shows around me whose dece looking, always seems to be there by herself and has a patch jacket reppin Mayhem and the like and I always want to talk to her after the show but she always leaves before I get the chance.


Well I don't really have a top 20 I guess, as it's hard to rank them. Some of my favorites though: Primoridal, Drudkh, some Eluvietie, black dahlia, death, sepultura, soulfallen, i'm not gonna lie in that I like Dimmu I mostly like Pagan and slower progressive with a healthy dose of melodeath, and some blackened thrown in I suppose. Yeah other then Black Dahlia, Dimmu, Opeth and maybe Eluveitie I don't have anything against those bands guys would be impressed to see you like the bands you mentioned.

I in particularly would talk to a chick wearing a Bathory shirt no matter what: Yeah I've gotten some flack for liking those bands but I have no shame.

How the fuck do I meet other metalheads? | Ultimate Metal - Heavy Metal Forum and Community

I mean, part of being a metalhead is we get to pick on each other's tastes right? I've found some great bands and introduced people to great bands that way. Maybe I should buy more band shirts but they're just not "me". I'm more girly I guess. Plus I spend all my money on pot now anyway.

I think their good bands myself, but in terms of a female fanbase, they're numerous. LMAO, I have a similar ordeal, considering the price is similar enough, I could have had metal shirts by now but then again getting blazed and listening to kvlt, 80s Black metal is a hard experience to replicate. Please tell me you live in Toronto, Canada because you're seriously the most awesome person on reddit for me at this point although I've only been here 3 weeks: Have you tried getting into stoner-doom metal? As for black metal hooray for Drudkh, but check out Taake, Agolloch, Moonsorrow, Windir and all of it's aftermath bands, Vreid, Cor Scorpii, and Mistur, very nordic black metal..

I'm a little bit handy with a needle. I like sewing, but if I spend time making anything it's synthetic dreadlocks. And yeah, I've heard of Moonsorrow and Windir, and about four bajillion folk metal bands. I've heard of stoner doom metal but I haven't listened to it much. Take some bong chops and turn that shit up, it'l crush you. Check out this recent thread for more stoner metal info. I met my girlfriend on the internet actually.. We started talking though last. Just hit the bar area of the venue and the guys with a stable job and that look all right should be there.

Until you stop wanting to date a man for superficial reasons then you're probably going to have a shitty time with relationships. Don't you feel that's a bit of a broad assumption though? Judging from your post title I wasn't sure if trolling or being serious. I'm sure you can make friends with people you aren't interested in that may have other potential metalhead friends! Not saying every metalhead is a pothead but of the 10 metal dudes I hang around with 7 or 8 of them smoke pot more than anything it seems.

I also don't think I really dress "alt" at all. I wear boat shoes, jeans, Guy Harvey t-shirts, random fishing company shirts or a band t-shirt and a Slayer hat most days.

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And I'm pretty insane. I'm a metalhead that goes to beach often, to fish haha, and has a tan for goodness sakes! Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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