Your rights to a telephone service - the universal service obligation

Block or Allow Select Calls Decide which calls reach you and when you want to receive them.

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Ring Settings Set a unique ring to identify calls from your family and friends or long distance callers. Speed Call List Call the people you talk to most often by creating a speed call list. Do Not Disturb All callers go directly to voicemail or receive a message that you are unavailable. Forward your calls, change your ring settings and manage your phone privacy settings all within your control from the convenience of any computer with Internet access.

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Tells you who is calling before you answer the phone. See who's calling right on your TV screen. Subscription to Digital TV required. Regular Call Display required. When you're on the phone, you can be alerted that there is another incoming call. Automatically redial the number of the last incoming call.

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If that number is busy, you'll be alerted with a special ring when the line becomes available. Add up to twoadditional phone numbers, each with a distinctive ring. Covers landline calls to: Your name and number may still be provided if the company does not recognize the privacy indicator. When calling Rogers customer service. It is also possible that the recipient of your call may have applications and devices that enable them to unblock your caller ID.

When leaving a message for a Rogers voicemail subscriber, your name and number may be provided in the envelope inform. The details of the trace are retained for use by the authorities upon request. Dial to access the directory assistance operator to find a telephone number of someone you are trying to reach. Call completion is not available. Please download Microsoft Edge to continue.

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While this service is offered in your area, it might not be available at your specific address. We noticed that you're not using the latest version of your browser.

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How to disable compatibility view Open Internet Explorer. Click on the Tools menu you may have to press Alt to bring up the menu. If the Compatibility View box is checked, click to remove checkmark. Select Compatibility View Settings. Includes your choice of 2 features: Includes your choice of 6 features: Exclusive Plans with Bundles. Included with a plan Some of our plans above include a choice of features. Call Display Tells you who is calling before you answer the phone. Call Display Blocking 3 Automatically prevent your name and number from being displayed on all outgoing calls.

Call Waiting When you're on the phone, you can be alerted that there is another incoming call. Three-Way Calling Add a third caller to your current phone call. Call Transfer Transfer incoming calls to an alternate telephone number.

What does the standard telephone service include?

Distinctive Ring a-la-carte only Add up to twoadditional phone numbers, each with a distinctive ring. Long Distance Lock Enable or disable outgoing long distance or international calling. However, Telstra, as the primary universal service provider PUSP , is currently the only company obliged to provide you with a standard telephone service wherever you live or work. For most people, the standard telephone service means the basic fixed telephone used to speak with people in other locations. Telephone companies are required to provide certain features with a standard telephone service.

These features include access to:. Only the supply of one standard telephone service to a customer's location is required under the USO. Your rights under the USO do not extend to mobile services, the Internet, or other enhanced telecommunications services. The USO also ensures access to the standard telephone service for people who cannot communicate using voice telephony because they are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment.

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The obligation requires that an equivalent means of communication be provided, including appropriate customer equipment to enable equivalent access. For example, communicating by text using a teletypewriter TTY or modem is a form of communication considered to be equivalent to voice telephony. To enable text and voice telephony users to communicate with each other, the National Relay Service NRS was established to assist text-to-voice and voice-to-text translation. Your right to a standard telephone service under the USO includes the provision of a standard telephone handset if requested, but additional costs apply.

If you have an impairment associated with hearing, speech, vision, dexterity or mobility, the obligation extends to the provision of equivalent forms of telephone equipment, such as volume control or hands-free phones and TTYs. To obtain a standard telephone service under the USO, you should contact your local Telstra office. Other telephone companies may also offer local call services in your area.

In some cases, additional charges may apply. For example, where there is no readily accessible telephone network infrastructure, it may be necessary for Telstra to extend its network so that you can be connected to the network.