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One must be judged on his or her own merit. Is one allowed to wed a convert? Boaz wed a convert and the result will be the Messiah. A person who converts is like a newborn baby.


Is there any problem with marrying a woman who was born? Is one allowed to wed a girl whose father is a non-Jew?

Torat HaRav Aviner: Matchmaking Talk - Part 1

He responds that since it was ruled that the son of a non-Jewish father and a Jewish mother is a kosher Jew without limitations Rambam, Hilchot Isurei Bi'ah Obviously the groom was filled with trepidation, but Rav Zilberstein ruled, based on the preceding principle, that after the fact, his wedding does not constitute a mistaken [hence nullified] transaction. Is it permissible for someone to wed a girl who was born to parents who did not keep the laws of Family Purity?

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The one was steeped in Torah learning, but his parents had conceived him without observing the Laws of Family Purity. The second was not steeped in Torah but he had no blemish involving the laws of Family Purity. What does the Rebbe have to say about that?

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Is it permissible to marry a divorcee? A divorced woman is perfectly fine. Obviously, one has to clarify carefully the background behind the divorce, but being divorced is not a stigma. In most cases, the woman is a great heroine.

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