We typically wear skirts that fall below the knee while standing and sitting so that while doing either someone can not look up your skirt. The elbow also, in my opinion, is like the knee of the arm. I prefer to keep my upper legs covered and prefer the same with my upper arms. The Bible talks about not adorning yourself with gold, pearls, or costly array.

For this cost most Apostolic women will not wear jewelry. Some will wear wedding bands because they feel it serves a purpose: The same with watches. Many Apostolic women also will not wear makeup. Lastly, you will find that most Apostolic women wear skirts or dresses all the time. We do this because in Deuteronomy We also do it for modesty reasons wearing a skirt does not show off the body like pants do. But think about it: The woman wears a skirt, the man pants. Ask a few people to do an experiment. Give them each a piece of paper and pen and tell them they have 20 seconds to draw two figures, a boy and a girl.

There are no rules. They can be stick people, blob people, anything. Chances are, the boy figures will have short hair and be wearing pants. The girl will have long hair and be wearing a skirt. It is human nature to associate short hair and pants with men, and long hair and dresses with girls. We choose to do this as well.

10 Things Christians Should Know about the Pentecostal Church

By not watching TV we are choosing to not be entertained by the things the Bible labels sin. As an additional note, because many will argue that the internet is worse: We also teach that we need to be careful of what we look at on the internet, what we read, what video games we play, etc. There is more control over the internet because you have to type in what you want to find.

On TV it is a mixed bag…commercials, flipping through channels, etc. It is also advised in many churches to use a filter on your internet for extra protection against ads or unwanted sites in searches. The Bible teaches that when we seek God and, according to Acts 2: His spirit lives in us and gives us joy, helps up to live holy lives, etc.

Many mainstream churches preach that you are filled with the Holy Ghost the minute you believe in Jesus as Savior. This is not what the Bible teaches. The believes in Acts 19 also had not received the Holy Ghost yet but had already believed. The Bible is very clear that receiving the Holy Ghost is a very distinct experience from when you started believing.

Here are some verses to read about the Holy Ghost: Notice that something in common with these is that the sign that they had received the Holy Ghost was that they spoke in tongues. When you receive the gift of the Holy Ghost you will speak in tongues. All of the believers of the New Testament were Pentecostal See question above—what do Pentecostals believe?

I made that mistake once and wish I could get those five years of my life back. My worst day with God is still better than my best day without Him. Here is my story: We live like everyone else.

6 Dating Standards for Apostolic Singles

We work jobs, go to school, have ups and downs, celebrate holidays. We do go to church, but that is not specific to Pentecostals—most Christians do. We do go on average times a week, which is more than the typical non-denominational church. We strive to live a life of holiness and you will see reasonings in other questions on here. Also, we are not forced to live any specific way. Many times I meet people who believe we are. We live this way because we choose to and we love it.

I encourage you to check out an Apostolic Pentecostal church! That said, there is nothing wrong with the church specifically. Be it in any church, any job, any school, any organization. The Bible is true and we try to live our lives according to it. The Bible is very clear on salvation and what God requires of His people. We also know from experience that living for God is a very rewarding life, full of joy and many wonderful things. We want our family members to experience the same blessings God has given us.

Most Pentecostals go to church times a week. Once or twice on Sunday and usually one mid-week service, usually Wednesday or Thursday. There are also many special events such as Youth Meetings, Conferences, Banquets, etc. When you consider, if someone attends all three services of the week, and from arrival to leaving may be anywhere from 1. Most people spend more time watching tv.

To us it is a special place, we have fun, we get encouraged, we find a connection with God and with others. I would encourage you to visit a church and experience it yourself! Their experience on the day of Pentecost is actually why we call ourselves Pentecostals.

Becoming an Apostolic Pentecostal is truly a life changing experience. Not with any 12 step program not downing those programs if they help but God can deliver someone in one moment! I know what it is like to feel like life is falling apart and then get one experience with God that changed my life so much that I left a service filled with joy.

Apostolic Pentecostals have no doctrinal statements, creeds, or statements of faith outside of the Bible. We only preach what is in the Bible and how that applies to our lives today. If you have a question about something the pastor preaches and where in the Bible it is, I encourage you to ask Him. He will be able to show you where what He preaches is in the Bible.

6 Dating Standards for Apostolic Singles – Apostolic Voice

The same goes for someone who may be giving you a Bible study. If you have a question ask! If you are currently in a church I encourage you to speak with your pastor. Jesus said He would help us overcome! The Bible has answers and your pastor, leaders and others in the church want to help you. If you need help finding a church in your area please message me and I would be more than happy to help you find one!

The Bible tells us that God will never leave us. It may be hard to feel God but be sure He is with You! The best thing we can do in hard times is pray and surround ourselves with other believers. God will show Himself faithful! This question is hard to answer for two reasons: One, not all Pentecostal believe the same. I am Apostolic Pentecostal but you will also find that there are Trinitarian Pentecostals Assemblies of God, for example.

Also, not all Pentecostals belong to an organization. There are also many minor Pentecostal organizations. Because of this, there are no concrete numbers. There is an article I found that speculates that more than 1 in 4 Christians claim to be Pentecostal of some sort: Also, a former professor of mine, Talmadge French, wrote a book that has an appendix at the end listing many Apostolic organizations around the world.

Here it is on Amazon: No matter where you go to church, where you work, go to school or hang out with people there is always the chance that someone will let you down. And try to reconcile if possible! One, someone who has the authority to write scripture, and Two, someone who has a calling to start churches. Pentecostals believe that the Apostles with the authority to write scripture ended with the New Testament. The Bible is the Word of God and nobody has any authority to add or take away from it—to do so would being against God Revelation As far as Apostles who are people with a calling to start churches, you will find many within the Apostolic Pentecostal Church.

Some people have a gift to get churches started and then when they feel called to they will find a pastor for that church and move to another city to start another church. These are wonderful people used mightily of God. Every person will have their own reason but the reasons I see most are that they get offended by somebody in the church or they get tired of living for God. This is why we encourage people to study the Bible.

We want everybody to know why they believe what they do—our foundation needs to be the Bible.

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They want to follow the Bible, they want to be saved, they want to experience joy and victory in their lives. Like I mentioned in a response above, if you are questioning leaving the church it is likely that you are struggling with someone. I would encourage you to seek God in prayer, in the Bible, and speak with your man of God. The things that can seem so huge at times that make us want to give up are usually things that can be worked through. God has a victory for you and He wants to see you through!

So does your pastor and church family! I mentioned above how I left the church for a while once. I was miserable and missed God so much. I have found so much joy living for God and could never give him up now! Here is a blog post about why I left and why I came back: Pinterest has a lot of ideas! There are also some people who belong to Apostolic churches who have started clothing companies.

Encourage your child to tell what things they like best about their pastor. It turned out very nicely, lots of sentiment, encouragement, and some very candid responses! First and foremost I would ask your pastor any questions who have about your walk with God. Your pastor cares for you and wants to see you succeed in your walk with God! We might be able to help you find an answer. We believe there is one God Deuteronomy 6: Just as you might be a father, a son, and a uncle but be one person, so is God.

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He is our Father in creation, the Son in redemption Him coming to earth as a man to die for our sins and the Holy Ghost in regeneration in other words, He lives in us as the Holy Ghost. You see, in Bible times people were often given names based on their attributes. When God became and man and died for us His name became Jesus. Isaiah even prophesied that the baby Jesus would be called the Everlasting Father Isaiah 9: So when we talk about Jesus we are talking about God.

Here is a different post I made a while back with some verses on the godhead: The very first church as recorded in Acts 2 was Pentecostal. Every other church started in the New Testament was also Pentecostal. In the United States there rose a popularity and revival with Pentecostal churches in the late s and early s with groups of people from different denominations who read the Bible and realized that not all churches were preaching what the Bible taught as far as oneness of God, Jesus name baptism and the infilling of the Holy Ghost with the initial evidence of speaking in tongues.

No, He is alive and active in the church! Pentecostals live very rewarding lives and we experience so much of the greatness of God that we want to share it with everybody! Ask him to give you a Bible study or visit his church with him. You will find that there is so much joy to experience with a life in God! This question can be taken one of two ways.

What happens at the church if most of the church goes to a conference? Services might be cancelled because the pastor and possibly any others in the church who preach might be gone as well. Sometimes the pastor will ask someone else to lead services so they can continue while he is gone. If not within driving distance people book hotel rooms and services are likely to happen every night, sometimes twice a day. At camps they might hold different services and events throughout the day like sports games, barbecues and more.

Typically conference services are formal and you will see people dressed up, much like they would Sunday Mornings at church though some will dress up even more depending on the event. Dressing up is not required though. We want everyone in church regardless of how you look or dress! The services will be a lot like your home church only with more people. There will be prayer, worship and preaching. There will also be a lot of ministers there who usually sit up on the platform and several of them might be asked to speak for moment before the speaker of the night gets up to preach.

The altar call prayer at the end of service is likely to be packed as well. You will meet a lot of new people and find new friends within several churches! Apostolic churches are a lot like families. People tend to get very close with one another and develop many friendships. When someone leaves the church it is normal for many people to be sad. It feels like your best friend or brother or sister are moving away.

That said, if you are moving because of a reason—getting married, entering full time ministry, or the like, people will be excited even though they will miss you! Some people might get upset but most will still desire to be friends once you leave. We want to see you get victory in Christ and continue to live for Him.

We will love you no matter what but we will never stop praying for you til we see you living for God again. You mean a lot to us and we want to see you saved. Most of the time people dress up for church. Women will wear skirts or dresses and men typically wear slacks and a dress shirt or a suit and tie. That said, there is no dress code and everybody is welcome to come regardless of how they dress.

DATING AN NON-APOSTOLIC - Apostolic Dating Training 101

There was a guy in my former church who was a mechanic and he would come in his work clothes! You will still be welcomed to come. We recognize that all people grow in God at different levels and people need time to work on the inside before the outside. Once someone recognizes what the Bible says about this, though, we encourage them to follow it. Now, because most churches preach what the Bible says about women having long hair and men having short hair 1 Corinthians 11 and that the Bible does not encourage women to wear makeup Jeremiah 4: In 1 Corinthians 11 the Bible says men should have short hair for it is a shame if they have long hair and women should have long hair it is a glory to her and a sign of submission to her authority.

Verse 6 says it is a shame for a woman to be shorn or shaven. So even trimming of the hair is against the Bible. This is what the Bible says and what almost all Apostolic churches teach. Occasionally you might meet some Apostolics who feel that trendy hairstyles are a sign of conforming to the world and they will avoid those like spiked hair, for example.

One must first recognize that receiving the Holy Ghost is an experience distinct from when someone first believes in Jesus as Savior. Also, you will read that in Acts 2: If you are seeking the Holy Ghost you will want to spend time in prayer as it is in prayer that people are filled with it. Also, recognize that the one sign that followed all believers who received the Holy Ghost is that they spoke in tongues. God does not leave us doubting if we have it.

We will know for sure because God will make us speak in tongues it is not something we do ourselves or are taught—only God can cause you to do that. If you are seeking, though it is possible to get the Holy Ghost anywhere, I would encourage you to get connected to an Apostolic church in your area and ask for a Bible study on the Holy Ghost. Lynn fit right in with his black slacks and white button down shirt.

The service began promptly at 6: They use pianos and sometimes acoustic, but never electric guitars. The music was very loud and everyone was standing, singing, clapping, and raising their hands. No one needed the hymn books provided. This worked for me. I knew the words to the hymn. Besides, to keep myself from being knocked over by the swaying of the folks around me, I needed my hands free.

There was shouting, lots of shouting. The only way to describe it would be if you mixed all languages together and started speaking random sounds and syllables. There was no rhyme or reason to what was being spoken around me.

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  • To make it worse, Lynn began to join this insanity. Needless to say, I was becoming very uncomfortable, but this was only the beginning of the chaos to come. As I stood there surrounded by all this strange behavior, people began to dance. Some moved out into the aisles while others danced where they stood. One old woman seated in front of us, who must have been in her 70s, started to dance and stomp.

    Then she just flat out took off running around the aisles, up and down, across the front of the church. I thought she was going to fall and break a hip. One of her thick stockings had slipped its garter and was flapping around her ankle. This Presbyterian girl, only saw a chaotic, frightening mess. By this time, I was white knuckling the seat in front of me. You see, Presbyterians are more reserved, and everything is done in an orderly fashion. We follow the bulletin, standing, sitting, and praying quietly, when directed. The pastor delivers an organized message in a reasonable tone of voice for 25 minutes.

    We all go home after an hour, and nobody leaves scared witless. In this service, the confusion continued for what seemed like an eternity, until people began to cry. Then, some of the folks behind us joined him. Before I knew it, almost the entire congregation was wailing away in tongues and in English, including Lynn, my date.

    I wanted to cry too, but not for the same reasons. After about ten minutes, the weeping and crying and gnashing of teeth dropped in volume to quiet sobbing. This is when the preacher took the stage. In Pentecostal churches, everyone addresses each other as Brother so-n-so or Sister so-n-so. He rebuked the Pharisees and Scribes for putting these burdens on people and forgetting about true faith. If you're looking to make new friends I would suggest starting with some people at work.

    Just go out and have a drink or whatever. A lot of my friends have come from work.

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    I'd also suggest you look for a Church that better suites you. That way you can still be dedicated to God and meet people that you feel comfortable with. UltimateZFighter , Feb 6, Innerphyre , Feb 6, Oct 2, Messages: Feb 8, No Television, movies, or theater They don't like theatres, but t. Ladies can not cut their hair and are not allowed to wear pants. Make up is also a no no, even cover up, or base.

    A blog that deals with biblical topics and Christian Living

    These teachings are biblical. If anyone wants me to go further into detail i will. Jewelry is not allowed, even wedding rings in many cases. Kids can not play sports in school. Only Christian Music is acceptable for listening to. Men must have short hair, and can not wear shorts. I'm also wondering what you and your pastor had disagreed on? Was it the standards or something unrelated? Feb 10, Feb 11, Regardless of that fact, there are womens pants now.

    I remember when we all went out to eat after church one night, and our waiter was wear what were obviously womens cut jeans. By this same line of thinking, wearing a kilt would be wrong for a man. ToxicShock23 , Feb 11, I thought I mentioned that I was a youth pastor.