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What is the revenue generation model for DuckDuckGo? Updated Jun 14, After clearing your CA, did you get any marriage proposals? How should a guy get ready for his first proposal? How is the first night of marriage? How does it feel? How do I get ready for my marriage proposal? Thank you for asking me to answer this question. I've organized many weddings throughout my wedding planning times, and I've loved every single story. But when it comes to the quickest marriage proposal I can remember of them all, one specific story comes to my mind I was living in Cancun, Mexico, working on my startup since I had the freedom of working from wherever I wanted and renting my spare rooms via Airbnb.

In fact I had not even put up any furniture yet, and just listed my rooms to see what could come out of it. A few days later, I received a request from a woman named Karen, who travelled to Mexico for a 2-week holiday. I accepted her request to stay with me for half of that time, and was excited to receive my first guest.

Karen was originally from Iowa, and living in Prescott, Arizona where she worked as a nurse practitioner.

Tourettes Sufferer's Wedding Proposal - The Undateables

Her arrival was dreadful, her plane had been late, luggage was stuck somewhere and it had started pouring. The cab couldnt find my address, she didnt speak any Spanish and the night was coming over Yucatan. She finally arrived at my place, drenched and tired at 10pm, and I felt so sorry for her. She was delightful regardless, a warm-hearted spirit and genuinely happy.

Mistake: Asking Empty-Handed

The next day, I sat down with her and she told me her story: She had been to Mexico just 3 weeks earlier, together with some friends, on a holiday. During this trip, they met up with others, a different group of people where she first met Mark, a Canadian who was on vacation from his job in Alberta, Canada. She told me that they met on their first night, and they immediately connected. They spent the entire time with one another, almost disconnected from the rest of the group because of their attraction for each other.

She described the feeling so wonderfully, that it was like spending time with someone who was on the same level and someone whom she could just feel comfortable with. The next day, he proposed to her and they promised to marry as soon as they could. I dont have to tell you that the second trip to Mexico was dedicated to their wedding, and that she had travelled from Arizona to Cancun once again to arrange for their big day I helped her get the Mexican paperwork in place and find someone to help her arrange her wedding on the beach of Akumal.

She was all excited when she left my home to pick up Mark from the airport and go south to their wedding venue, just a few weeks after they had met. I messaged with her on the big day, and I remember her being completely ecstatic about the whole story. She was too cute. After their wedding, on the way back up to Cancun I met the married couple together for the first time. Mark, Karen and I went out for lunch and had a fantastic time.

They were a perfect match to me, equally understanding, fun and caring all at the same time.

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This was in February of I kept in touch with her on Facebook and followed their many trips to different places in Canada and the US. Just last week I had to take a trip to Phoenix, Arizona, and called up Karen to see if she was around. I went up to Prescott and met up with the couple that now lives in Prescott together and we went for drinks to a local bar. They are still together, happy as ever and I have no doubt they will be for a long time.

There are some who like to go slow and date for months before they move in together. There are others who were married, got divorced and fall in love again only weeks later. It's a matter of how you like to "live" your relationship, and how much you want to engage with someone, and if this other someone is up for the same type of engagement as you are. If you find a compatible type with your style it's the best: Good luck in your future together!!!! The easiest way to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Luno makes it safe and easy to buy, store and learn about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. I can share two stories. I met my husband online but didn't find him attractive or interesting enough to meet in person. He was persistent as hell though and one day I was really bored and he made me an offer I couldn't refuse so I agreed to meet him. When I met him, I thought he was much more attractive and fun than I expected.

He told me the first day we met that I would be his wife he said he knew the minute he saw my photo and he had even written me a love song already. I laughed at him and told him all the reasons why he wasn't good enough for me. Again, he was incredibly persistent and anyway, I kind of liked him after spending 3 days at his house - just talking about life and stuff - we didn't even have sex and all of a sudden, we were dating.

After a week, I had agreed to be his girlfriend and soon after that, we moved in together. After less than a month of dating, I got pregnant and agreed to marry him.

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  4. Eventually 4 years later , I came to my senses and divorced him. That's a long story. Persistent little bitch that he is, he is still chasing me 3 years later. It's complicated but to be totally honest, he was the first and only man I ever loved. My mom and dad met at a wedding of a mutual friend. My dad had brought a date but he asked my mom to dance and they hit it off. He ended up abandoning his date and asked my mom out.

    After a week of dating, on April Fool's Day, he jokingly asked her to marry him and she said yes. They were married a month later, in May. They celebrated their 31st year anniversary last week. I don't know if I would recommend jumping into a relationship but I guess if it feels right then why not.

    Okay, that metaphor got kind of messy. On that train, she met my grandpa. By the end of the train ride, they were a couple.

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    7. A week later, they were engaged. A month later, they were married. A year later, my dad was born. And two days after that, my grandpa was gone. A few days later, they decided they were soulmates. Within two weeks of arriving in the Middle East, they were engaged. By time they got home, she was pregnant. She gave birth to his son 8 and a half months later.

      A few days later… my grandpa was gone. A week after he moved in, he asked her to marry him. A few weeks later, they were married. A year later, she had her first kid with him. Another year later, her second. And another year, her third. So many of the stories are very quick marriages that worked.

      I got married after six months of dating. Everyone told me it was too quick but I was 36 and had my doubts about every prior girl I had dated. I had decided I was too doubting and maybe they weren't so bad, maybe I was not being fair to some wonderful people. I decided to ignore my doubts and just get married to this beautiful girl who seemed to really like me. We spoke about finances I had read that it was the biggest issue between people and had to be spoken about prior to marrying.

      She promised she would work for at least the first year. She had a job and a son to support.

      5 Big Marriage Proposal Mistakes

      As soon as we walked through the door of her house, the house we would be living in, she told me she was quitting her job. I mean, the moment! Three days later she told me I would be paying her credit card bills, because she was without income. And it went downhill like that. I still stayed married and tried to make it work. She couldn't do much, I learned. I was so infatuated and had been doing so much to impress her that I never noticed how little she had actually done for me.

      I left after her several years but still supported her and her son until I initiated a divorce after eight years. I was too humiliated to not I had been so careful and at 36 had fallen into a disaster after ignoring my doubts. Wasted so much of my time, money and spirit on a very bad person. However, at 45 I met a wonderful woman with two boys and we dated for six months and I moved in and six months later we married you will notice a longer period of waiting and it I'd the best thing I ever did.

      Unlike the last one I had no doubts. No big reveal at the marital door. I once asked her jokingly, when does the real family come in? This can't be the real family, it is too perfect. Been this perfect going on our fourth wedding anniversary. Yes, it can work out, even late in life. I was asked to marry after 3 weeks once Thought It would have happened. Then we started to get to know each other and our families. Found out things aren't what they seemed.

      He was an alcoholic. Found out he was discharged from the military for schizophrenic tendancies. He had a lot of baggage and so did I. When we decided to have children He pushed me into a corner of a dresser. I almost lost our baby. I flushed his ring down the toilet right in front of him and said this is what our love means to me.

      This is a facade period. U really should get to know the person past and present. Find out where they came from and who they are today. I think it's ok to be with some someone that has a bad past Just as long as they have reconciled it really understood what happened and has learned to move on.

      It takes work to make any marriage work. If you stop putting effort into anything It goes wild and hard to control. Ull know if the person you're with will be that person within a couple months after meeting them. If you 2 are a lot alike and few indifferences act alike same intrrests. Just really insinc U guys will be fine. But if u meet someone that is completely opposite of you to fulfill a void your missing. It probably won't work because u 2 r 2 different. I learned that from my last relationship.

      When it comes down to it It's the later part that hard. Just please understand, that it's always work always understanding, always pushing, caring, sharing, and trust.

      If u have that And always moving in a foward motion U 2 will not grow apart. A very dear friend of mine was the captain of weightlifting team of our institute. Another friend of mine was the captain of women's tennis team. The guy used to like this girl from the first time he saw her in the college. But he never talked to her. We used to tease him a lot. We mimicked the unusual style of the girl. His crush intensity grew. During summer camp in vacation, one fine morning, this guy pumped his muscles hard and decided to go for the kill.

      He is a huge bollywood fan and has a distinct Kanpuriya style which is memorable. The catch was, this girl knew nothing about this guy or his feelings for her. So he goes to her in middle of the ground and starts to ramble in Nana Patekar style which went something like: I am an awesome guy and you are a wonderful girl.

      5 Big Marriage Proposal Mistakes

      I dont drink, I dont smoke, I bath daily. I like you very much and if you want to be my girlfriend then tell me. Her condition was like ' who is he and is this a threat or a proposal and what to say'. The last thing was taken care of, since our guy left after a pause of 5 seconds. Later she came to know more about him. They never talked even after this. She was like ' am I having a Deja vu or has this guy done this before', but this time she declined his proposal. They are not together as far as my knowledge goes. Quora User , A spiritual learner. I find these hilarious so i am sharing here.

      When i found out about it, i was like…. While I was in college, I knew a young married couple at church. They had met each other, and within a week, were engaged. Though they both felt they had found the right person, they also both felt a need to get to know each other thoroughly and quickly. Fortunately, they had both kept journals; they swapped and read each others' lives. They were married three weeks after meeting each other, and were both well-satisfied that they knew whom they were marrying.

      At the time I met them, they had been happily married years, but not yet had any children. I know another young woman who met a young man and got engaged a week later. They were married within three weeks. I know her mother searched frantically to find a white flamenco dress, to reflect her Spanish heritage, in time. In this case, as the bride flamboyantly flamenco-danced on stage at her wedding, largely ignoring the two friends accompanying her, and then smashed and smeared the wedding cake all over the groom's face, before proceeding to lick it off, I truly wondered if the groom had any idea what he'd gotten himself into.

      And sorry, I have no followup on this story, except I know that they were still together several months later. I just got a Facebook post from a girl who was an acquaintance when we were teenagers, with a copy of a marriage photo: This girl was soon having a bridal shower, before leaving for Utah with her toddler daughter to marry one of them. I haven't seen them since, but I am happy it has worked out for them all. I was worried it wouldn't. It happened in at Sattur, Tamil Nadu, India. Answered Nov 19, It was love at first sight. He was there for a year and returned. It was so sweet.

      And everyone got their fair share. After just three monthes they were married, it's the shortest, and lasting married I know. Well, I don't see marriage as being for everyone, but I know someone who fell head over heels for a woman and within 3 months they were planning to move in together. It was way too soon. They were madly in love, but they didn't know each other well enough to live together. Living together was an instant disaster and he quickly moved out. I'll spare you the details, but here's the bottom line. There's rarely an 'upside' to moving extremely quickly in a relationship, and in my experience it tends to involve a lot of drama and pain.

      If there's super chemistry in a relationship, taking the time to get to know your lover better won't harm it. It'll help the two of you on a path to healthier growth together.

      Mistake: Jumping the Gun

      Enjoy the ride and take at least a year or two to get to know each other well enough to make a decision that will bring you years of happiness. I don't know any couples who married quickly -- in fact, oddly enough, it seems like most of the couples I know have been together for years and years without getting married.

      I will, however, tell you the story of our cat, Muno. We committed to spending our lives with him a mere five minutes after we met him. He was outgoing and adorable, and so sweet and gentle. We were in love. We were in love, dammit. After a few weeks of cohabitation, the honeymoon ended. The attractive feline qualities that had initially drawn us to him turned out to be part of his manipulative master plan to consume all the food in our house and destroy all of our things.

      He would cuddle up to us, only to start biting and scratching fifteen seconds later. He sent my one-year-old to the emergency room with an unprovoked scratch that came dangerously close to his eye, which wound up costing us a fortune in medical bills. Worst of all, that adorable little kitten grew up to be a cat.

      The moral of the story is: Answered May 12, I come from India and it happens all the time, there. Not so long ago, the girl and the guy were not even allowed to talk or meet before marriage. Though you're understandably eager to seal the deal, cool your jets until you're beyond the dizzy-with-infatuation stage. You won't be truly ready for a lifetime commitment until you've tackled some real relationship challenges, weathered your beloved's every mood, and received unequivocal signs that she's equally ready to commit.

      Proposing too early may scare her off or result in an awkward "let me think about it and get back to you Though you may be so passionate about your hoped-for bride that you want to shout your proposal for the entire world to hear, it's much more likely that she'd prefer you keep the engagement a just-the-two-of-you occasion. She won't be able to savor the moment if she feels like she's on stage. Once you've asked and she's hopefully accepted, you two will want to linger in your own little love bubble for a while -- not possible if colleagues, cousins, or perfect strangers are getting in your faces to congratulate you.

      Not all public places are off-limits, 58 percent said that the site of your first date is the best place to propose. Getting loose-lipped and telling friends or family members about your intention to propose let alone the specifics of how you're going to do it is another big "don't. If too many people know about your proposal plans, it's more than possible that your fiance-to-be will catch wind of them too.

      And even if nobody spoils the surprise, she'll be unhappy if she later learns that lots of your friends or hers knew about the engagement before she did and that she didn't have the chance to surprise them. If you're like many guys, once you've made the decision to propose, you want to get it over with ASAP. And once there's a ring burning a hole in your pocket, you may feel like you won't be able to breathe easy until it's off of your person and securely on her fourth finger.

      But don't let your nerves make you blurt out those four little words before the moment's right -- remember that she's going to be telling your marriage proposal story for the rest of your lives, and you want the tale to sound more epic romance than situation comedy. She asks what's in your pocket in line at the grocery store?

      Make up any excuse to avoid an express line engagement.